Welcome to Herbalisto

Here in Southern of Spain (Estepona, Málaga), loving nature and food, we thought of sharing our knowledge, experience and tasty pleasures with the rest of the people around us!

As an eco-gardener for quite some years now and along with a variety of cooperating local “food-growers”, we have started cultivating a selection of herbs and other plants that are used in different types of cuisine, therapies and medicinal purposes.

All our older and mature gardens, and even the terraces we maintain or have designed for our new clients, are places where you can enjoy the fragrance and colours of culinary and medicinal herbs.

No artificially produced elements are involved (or needed) to make this happen! Organic is the only way. We create useful and environmentally conscious and enjoyable ecosystems using the resources your garden itself gives us, and if needed, we make use from other ecosystems created by Herbalisto.